WEBINAR: Understanding Your Pet’s Lab Work with Dr Sally Suttenfield

Knowledge is power, especially when you’re trying to decide what might be wrong with your pet and what the next steps in treatment and care might be. Here is your opportunity to find out what basic lab tests can tell you and what the limits of that information may be.

Sally Suttenfield DVM is a veterinarian with over thirty years of clinical experience in private practice and explaining things in an easy-to-understand manner is her jam. Join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about common lab tests and empower yourself to communicate more clearly with your own veterinarian.

WEBINAR: WALK A MILE IN THEIR PAWS: Creating the BEST Socialization Experiences

Socialization is a fine art.

Done well, socialization of a puppy or a new dog (whatever their age!) results in positive and informative experiences that build the dog’s understanding of the world.

Socialization checklists are everywhere! But when we follow a checklist instead of listening to what our specific dog needs, we can end up doing more harm than good. Each socialization outing can be successful when we use the individual dog’s temperament, sensory perception of the world, age, skills and experience to guide us. 

SEMINAR: Can You Hear Me Now?

One of the best things about dogs is how hard they try to communicate with us. They use their eyes, their bodies, even their voice, and of course, those amazing tails!

But did you ever wonder if maybe you’re not quite getting the message? Or if you’ve misunderstood your dog? Or perhaps you just want to learn more, more, more! This seminar is taught by internationally respected trainer Suzanne Clothier, whose approach that encompasses the whole dog – physical, mental and emotional.

Course: Relationship Assessment Tool

RAT looks at the patterns of interaction between a dog and handler. Both ends of the leash are considered to assess what supports the relationship, what may be undermining it, or what may be creating training challenges.

Your Aggression, Dog’s Aggression

From the University of Pennsylvania comes an interesting new study that actually looks at how an owner’s aggressive behavior affects…