CLINTON, NJ – Sept 21 & 22, 2024

Once again, hosted by the great folks at West Jersey K9 SAR. Cannot wait to be back for another amazing weekend. Two days chock full of important information that will help you deepen your understanding of dogs, relationships, RCT techniques, and your own actions as a handler. Join us for WHO ARE YOU – AND HOW CAN WE HELP? on Saturday, and on Sunday TALKS WITH DOGS How Our Body Language Affects Our Communication with Dogs.

Natural Jumping Method Workshop

The Natural Jumping Method creates skilled and confident jumpers in a way that protects and strengthens the dog’s body, encourages correct biomechanics, and builds the dog’s confidence. Start your dog right! or improve their jumping style naturally.


SIT is an amazing starting point for understanding our dog’s physical abilities. When you know what to look for, how your dog sits – or doesn’t! – can provide a wealth of information, including possible discomfort, pain or even structural issues that need your support.

Treat/Retreat FREE FAQ

This webinar is an overview that introduces you to Treat/Retreat, a powerfully effective technique is used to help socially shy dogs.  This is a dog-centric technique that is force-free. Respect for the dog’s boundaries, arousal and abilities are combined with nuanced observation and engagement of SEEKING to help build the dog’s skills.


Suzanne’s compassionate and holistic approach to defining the “right size world” is based on the individual dog’s needs, abilities and preferences.

Training Equals Conversation

In an online discussion about mixing play sessions with training, there were some strong opinions about how and why things…

SPOKANE WA June 7, 8 & 9

3 days of seminar with Suzanne Clothier covering dog training, behavior, relationships, observation, and understanding what our dogs can tell us if we know how to listen!