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    The IAAHIO (International Association of Animal-Human Interaction Organizations) offers outstanding information.

    This is the link to one of their free webinars.

    A ground-breaking shift in approach is changing the concept of what well-trained therapy animals are. Until recently, behavioral predictability, high levels of task skill and consistency were important attributes. Consent training and Co-operative Care are concepts that have changed the interaction fundamentally.  This webinar will examine ways to encourage animals (dogs, horses and possible other program animals) to be more active participants in therapeutic settings, to discuss what implications this training may have on our work.

    Join a panel of innovative and progressive trainers who are eager to share their work and answer questions.

    The presenters Sara Halberg and Tess Erngren were kind enough to write to let Suzanne know that they were deeply inspired by Suzanne’s Elemental Questions. Wonderful to know those six simple questions have spread far & wide.

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