Upcoming Seminars

  • CARAT 1.1

    AUSTIN, TX  Feb. 25-26, 2016   CARAT is a must-have tool for any serious animal professional who is involved in assessing behavior. CARAT will fine tune your assessments, your behavior modification & training plans, improve your selection of suitable dogs for a given task, sharpen your breeding program's focus, and help find the best possible job/task/home for an individual dog.

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  • "See the Dog: The Elemental Questions"

    AUSTIN TX Feb 27, 2016    "See the Dog" focuses on understanding the dog within the context of the complex blend of temperament, personality, experience, environment and relationships. The Elemental QuestionsTM help you truly “see the dog” and provide the detailed information about each animal as he is. This is where truly humane training is grounded: in detailed knowledge about the individual dog.

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  • "You Had Me at Sniff: Understanding Dog-Dog Interactions"

    AUSTIN TX Feb 28, 2016     We all have the same questions and worries when two or more dogs are together. Are we being too cautious? Or too careless? Do we just “let them work it out” or try to orchestrate pleasant encounters? When is it okay to put two dogs together? What is play and what is not play? Argument or serious fight? This seminar is packed full of practical information, effective techniques and hard won experience. Learn More

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Video Training

  • Calming the Fearful Dog

    Comfort is for all seasons, and something that we can offer anyone we love, especially our dogs when they are feeling anxious or outright afraid. Yet in some animal training circles, there is a persistent belief that to comfort an animal who is afraid will only serve to "reinforce the fear." A life spent with many animals in many situations has taught me that providing meaningful comfort is the sensible, loving response to any friend in need. Learn More
  • Counter Conditioning and Safety

    How safety affects the ability of counter conditioning to alter a dogs response to stimuli. Learn More
  • Thresholds, Thresholds, and Doing Nothing

    An excerpt from Suzanne's June Trainers' Workshop on training thresholds. Learn More

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