Upcoming Seminars

  • Denver, CO area - September 16-19

    FOUR opportunities to learn: 2 full seminar days: "Maddening to Maturity: Understanding & Helping the Adolescent Dog" and "Drive, Brakes & Steering: Understanding & Modulating Arousal" plus an evening lecture, "The Enriched Puppy: Raising Confident, Competent & Coordinated Canines" plus a full day of private coaching with Suzanne Clothier. Learn More
  • SeeSpotGrin - Glenwood, MD - Sept. 29-30, 2016

    CARAT 1.1 - Sept 29-30, 2016 Developed by Suzanne Clothier in 2007, CARAT (Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool) is a novel assessment system that categorizes behavior traits in multiple components that are intuitive and practical. CARAT takes a detailed view of the individual dog as a unique combination of many factors working together to influence, exacerbate, mitigate and enhance each other. In the profile created by the nuances and specifics of this complex interaction of multiple traits, an accurate picture is created of the individual, regardless of breed or age. Learn More
  • Central Aroostook KC - Presque Isle, ME - Oct. 21-23

    Complete details & registration form at Learn More

Popular Articles

  • "He Just Wants to Say 'Hi'"

    Sitting quietly on the mall bench beside my husband, I was minding my own business when the man approached. I glanced up as the man sat next to me. He was a bit close for my comfort, so I edged a little closer to my husband who, busy reading a book, ignored me. Still feeling a bit uncomfortable with the strange man so close, I then turned my head slightly away from him, politely indicating I was not interested in any interaction. To my horror, the man leaned over me and began licking my neck while rudely groping me. Learn More
  • Selecting for Vigor

    Thoughts on observing puppies during the crucial first days, and what should be considered when selecting breeding stock. Learn More
  • SCENT GAMES - Educating Your Dog's Nose

    Easy exercises & games to teach any dog scent discrimination as a fun & enjoyable game using his natural talents. Learn More
  • Rewards, Lures & Bribes

    What is the difference between a reward, a lure and a bribe? Explanations & tips. Learn More
  • Reliability and the Retrieve: Justifying the Ear Pinch?

    A realistic look at the justifications used by proponents of the force retrieve. Learn More

Video Training

  • Calming the Fearful Dog

    Comfort is for all seasons, and something that we can offer anyone we love, especially our dogs when they are feeling anxious or outright afraid. Yet in some animal training circles, there is a persistent belief that to comfort an animal who is afraid will only serve to "reinforce the fear." A life spent with many animals in many situations has taught me that providing meaningful comfort is the sensible, loving response to any friend in need. Learn More
  • Counter Conditioning and Safety

    How safety affects the ability of counter conditioning to alter a dogs response to stimuli. Learn More
  • Thresholds, Thresholds, and Doing Nothing

    An excerpt from Suzanne's June Trainers' Workshop on training thresholds. Learn More

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