A relationship with a dog can be powerful – even life-changing. The dance between dog and human is complex, dynamic and endlessly fascinating. Creating the connection you want is possible.

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The RANGER Lead - 3/8 Inch Width

The RANGER Lead – Versatile, Multi-Use

The DOUBLE Lead - 1/2" plus 5/8"


The BASIC lead

The BASIC lead



A Full Life is Shaped Just Right

What constitutes a full life for a dog? To define what we consider "enough” we have to ask the dog himself if his life is working for him. And really listen to his answer. 

Loose Leash Walking: Easier with Horses Than Dogs?

Why do horses need fewer reminders than dogs for loose leash walking? It's far easier to teach a horse loose leash walking. Why? In all cases, both bio-mechanics and gait are involved.

Simple Questions, Simple Answers

An Argentinian journalist wanted to know:What are the main features of any dog training? What are the easiest dogs to train? Why? What are the most difficult dogs to train? What qualities do these dogs have? Here are my answers.

Reality Check

People (and animals) can and do change. Not easily, but altering behavior is possible and successful. Within limits. But what are the limits? How ethical is it for us to decide what is "right" and what needs to be "fixed"?

Put A Cushion Around Your Dog

Deliberately building that cushion of positive experiences around weird human behavior is a great gift to give any animal--the ability to cope with what they find scary or uncomfortable.

Mistakes and Becoming A Trainer

What sets the professionals apart from the "I've always wanted to be a trainer!" dreamers is the willingness to swallow hard on rough days where mistakes are big ones.

Look Into My Eyes

When a puppy looks our way, we notice, respond. In short, we're available for relationships, for connection, for conversation. offering countless opportunities to connect.

Dog Training & Recipes

There's a real longing for a recipe that tell you how to develop a wondrous relationship with your dog. So deep does this longing run that I've been the recipient of some anger shot my way when I refused to provide recipes.

All Interesting and Stuff

Real life rewards are wonderful. Particularly for this reason: the dog himself tells you what's valuable to him. What could be better than the dog making a list with you of all the things he thinks are really worth having?

“I had to…”

There are a few phrases that really push my buttons. When talking to trainers, the one that will always get a reaction from me is "I had to." It very often turns out there were other options available.