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A Full Life is Shaped Just Right

What constitutes a full life for a dog? To define what we consider "enough” we have to ask the dog himself if his life is working for him. And really listen to his answer. 

Drive and brakes and steering

Many handlers & breeders of "working" lines are big on having "drive". Unfortunately, some miss the important part about brakes and steering.

All Interesting and Stuff

Real life rewards are wonderful. Particularly for this reason: the dog himself tells you what's valuable to him. What could be better than the dog making a list with you of all the things he thinks are really worth having?

Of Hostages & Relationships

It is possible to have a relationship based on mutual respect, free from anything that remotely resembles sensory deprivation, and still have a dog who will work his heart out for you and even more importantly, with you.

JUMPING SERIES Part 4: Just Right Jumping

Jumping conditions are the classic Goldilocks situation: like Baby Bear’s chair, porridge and bed, things need to be just right. Unfortunately for our dogs, the conditions are often anything but just right.

JUMPING SERIES Part 3: I Think I Can!

When we talk about what a dog "knows," what we usually mean is what the dog understands about a specific skill in a specific context. Good training helps the dog learns that "jump" means the same thing under many conditions and despite distractions.

JUMPING SERIES Part 2: Can or Can’t? Physical Causes of Jumping Problems

Jumping problems are common, but rarely viewed as the dog's way of saying, I'm doing the best I can. Whatever your approach to teaching a dog in an attempt to fix a problem, the truth may be the dog physically can't do the job.

JUMPING SERIES Part 1: Why Fluffy Can’t Go Hup

Of all the skills we ask our dogs to perform at our request, jumping is one of the most misunderstood, least thoroughly trained, and most common source of performance problems in agility and obedience. This is the first of a series of articles that examine various aspects of training a dog to jump.